Kaba Immigration Services Inc

Shkendie Kaba, Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant


Your partner in fulfilling your Canadian dream 

Why you need an Authorized Immigration Consultant

Immigration regulations can be overwhelming. Some situations are more complex than others. Omitting a piece of important information, inadequate proof of your claims or lack of knowledge on the regulations can have negative consequences on your stay in Canada or immigration application. 

As an authorized Immigration Consultant, I keep abreast with the changes in Canadian immigration policies, processes and application forms. 

I will represent you in the best possible way.      

Work with me

Having immigrated twice within a short time span, I had to go through the immigration hurdles myself. I can relate to your pains. I have been there myself. Contact me directly to book a consultation and discuss your immigration needs.

I feel fortunate to become part of your journey, guide you in a professional manner and see you succeed.